Remote worflow

There is nothing like working with filmmakers in our studios, but we realize that’s not always possible.

Luckily, the world never was so small. With all the tools we have available, we allowed ourselfs to work with great artists around the globe. Here’s how we do it.

Part 1 . Input

Just ask us a private link for your upload. All your files will be sended directly to our cloud server using our account speeds.

Part 2 – The color grading process

We use as our main tool. This is an amazing cloud service where we can share our images and videos, and keeping our communication only in one place, we accelerate feedbacks and approvals.

Review our exported files on any device and makes notes on the precise frame you want to work. You can draw on top of the image to easy illustrate your desire.

This is our usual workflow:

  • We receive your brif
  • we send you a private review page with stills
  • we discuss that images until we are all happy.
  • we grade the movie
  • and share the video file with you
  • we make adjustments if needed

Part 3 – Output

In the end we export all the masters you asked for and send you on a private link to download.