Color Studio

Based on DaVinci Resolve with more than 40TB of storage, this studio is capable of working in real time with 4K timelines on cinema and broadcast workflows.

Here you will find a 4 meter (157”) wide screen for our calibrated laser projector, a 24” broadcast monitor and a JBL 5.1 surround sound system.

Color Grading

We don’t color grade because we can. We do it for the pleasure of pursuing images and to learn from them. It’s about directing the viewer’s eye and creating new color ideas for each movie. And we love to create something new every day.

Local or Remote

We are always happy to receive people in our space. But if that is not possible, we can stream a high quality HD signal, in real time, to any corner of the planet. We do everything we can to improve the communication with the movie’s team.

DCP Creation

We can generate and playback fully compliant SMPTE Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) in 2K and 4K.